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Sonrisas Preschool Curriculum

The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum was first created as a preschool Spanish curriculum. It is effective for early language learners because instruction is play-based, and activities are age-appropriate and engaging. Sonrisas Preschool Curriculum enables young learners to acquire Spanish naturally and develop a positive connotation with language learning.

Sonrisas Preschool Curriculum


Spanish curriculum for preschool students. Includes the Level I Teacher’s Manual and two music CDs. (CDs provided in digital format only.)

How It Works
  • Every lesson has the structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time. This consistent routine ensures preschool students learn Spanish in a predictable and safe environment.
  • Lesson activities are play-based which means young children learn Spanish in a developmentally appropriate way.
  • Instructional strategies include music and verse, games, role-play, storytelling, and art projects.

Number of Seats:

Sonrisas Preschool Curriculum includes:

Level I Tearcher’s Manual
Sonrisas CD
Canciones Culturales CD

  • A comprehensive introduction which provides an in-depth look at the methodology and implementation of the curriculum and a step-by-step guide for how to teach the lessons.
  • 35 lessons.
  • Lesson plans with lesson overview pages, lesson procedure pages, and art project procedure pages.
  • 60 art projects.
  • Lyrics and directions for movement and gestures that go with the songs on the music CDs.
  • Reproducibles for the art projects.
  • Scope and sequence.

See a Sample Lesson

  • 29 traditional and original Spanish songs for kids.
  • Provided in digital format only.

Sonrisas CD

  • 18 traditional and original Spanish songs for kids.
  • Provided in digital format only.

Canciones Culturales CD