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Read what administrators and teachers all over the country are saying about the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum.

“This year our school introduced Spanish in our Primary and Elementary divisions. We purchased the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum, and it has been a great success. The curriculum provides critical information on how young children learn languages as well as effective lessons for language instruction. Parents and the students comment that Spanish is their favorite class because of all the fun things they are learning. I recommend Sonrisas Spanish for young students—it’s amazing!”

ALINA G. ARGUETA | World Languages Department Chair, Fay School, Southborough, MA

“The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum was just what we needed to give our program both depth and focus. The Sonrisas curriculum lays a strong foundation in communication and conveys the beauty of both the Spanish language and culture. It would be worth your time to review these materials.”

SANDY LEIBICK | Principal, Gullet Elementary, Austin, TX

“I would recommend Sonrisas Spanish to other teachers because it is easy to use, and it incorporates literature, art, games, and music. Sonrisas also provides students with a context for real language use not just memorization of vocabulary.”

BECKY ENGLAND | Spanish Teacher, Calvary Academy, Springfield, IL

“Thank you so much! We received our curriculum, and everything is fabulous. I must say that your organization has the most impressive customer service! I will sign up for the newsletter and Facebook page.”

NANCY JAMES | Executive Director, Montessori Academy of Colorado, Denver, CO

“I teach Spanish to pre-K through 5th grade. Since I started using Sonrisas, my planning is streamlined, my students enjoy every lesson, and I feel more organized. This curriculum is a treasure for a busy teacher.”

JESSICA THOMPSON | Spanish Teacher, St. Paul, MN

“I would recommend Sonrisas to other teachers because it is fun, engaging, and has a cultural component. It focuses on creating bilingual students as well as multicultural students.”

SARA SYRYLA | Spanish Teacher, Mastery Charter Schools, Philadelphia, PA

“I have been using the Sonrisas curriculum for many years now and have seen the wonderful results. It is a perfect fit for all children.”

DENISE RIVAS-MORGAN | Spanish Teacher, Kearny, NJ

“The Sonrisas curriculum has been a pleasure to work with! It is well-organized, clear, and inspires authentic communication in Spanish. I have used it with great success. ¡Gracias!”

MELISSA CIACCIA | Spanish Teacher, Beverly, MA

“The Sonrisas lessons are well-planned and easy to use. Lesson planning is no longer a frantic search to identify and gather materials from a variety of sources. The children love the songs and movement and always ask to hear their favorites!”

MARY YUDIN | Spanish Teacher, Stuart, FL

“Sonrisas is a complete and engaging program. I love that it includes songs, stories, art projects, home reports, and an explanation of the methodology. I also appreciate the online support in the form of blogs on methodology, teaching, book reports, and more.”

ELIZABETH GLIDDEN | Spanish Teacher, Dripping Springs, TX

“I would recommend the Sonrisas curriculum to other teachers because it is easy to use, adaptable to many ages and levels, full of helpful explanations, and it contains dynamic content.”

LUZ CORENA | Spanish Teacher, Alpharetta, GA

“I have used the Sonrisas curriculum for the past 3 years, and I love it. It provides me with an excellent foundation for my classes. Sonrisas also reduces my initial prep time which leaves me more time to be creative with my classes. ”

CLAUDIA VIVIANI GARIBALDI | Spanish Teacher, Highlands, B.C. Canada

“Sonrisas keeps it real it includes real life applications for Spanish and the literature is authentic.”

MARTHA LUNA-LOYA | Spanish Teacher, Sumter, SC

“The Sonrisas lesson plans provide lots of variety and structure but also allow for flexibility. The activities and expectations of the program are very age-appropriate.”

CHRISSY LOPEZ-COTAINA | Spanish Teacher, Bridgewater, VA

“I love the presentation of the Sonrisas lessons, which are purposeful and well-articulated. The kids love the activities!”

ABIGAIL BACON | Spanish Teacher, Salt Lake City, UT


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