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When evaluating an elementary Spanish curriculum, it’s essential to consider the assessment tools available. The Sonrisas Spanish curriculum provides a […]

Tips for Building Your Preschool Spanish Lesson Plans

If you’re a preschool educator looking to introduce Spanish to your classroom, you understand the importance of choosing the right […]

6 Tips To Help Students Improve Their Conversational Spanish

When it comes to implementing an effective elementary Spanish curriculum, decision makers face a dual challenge: choosing a robust educational […]

In the ever-evolving landscape of global connectivity, the need for cultural competence has never been more vital. One of the […]

In Levels I and II of the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum, the Art Time segment draws on student’s intrapersonal, linguistic, kinesthetic, […]

One of the tenets of second language acquisition theory is that learners need the opportunity for meaningful communication in the […]

3 Games To Incorporate Into Your Language Classes

One of the best practices for the Sonrisas elementary Spanish curriculum states, “Establish a consistent routine and structure.” Having a […]

Comprehensive and Effective Spanish Curriculum As experts in language acquisition and elementary Spanish curriculum, we understand the unique challenges and […]

Tips for Building Your Preschool Spanish Lesson Plans

One of the best practices for teaching the Sonrisas Spanish elementary Spanish curriculum says, “Speak Spanish a minimum of 90 […]

We recently attended the annual ACTFL convention in Chicago where we had a booth and shared a presentation on elementary […]


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