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Sonrisas Spanish is a complete and effective preschool and elementary Spanish Curriculum that increases student engagement and improves student outcomes. Whether you need curriculum for teaching elementary or preschool Spanish, a comprehensive K-6 Spanish program for your district, or a solution for homeschool Spanish, Sonrisas Spanish will meet your needs and provide you with a pathway to success.

The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum:

  • Provides everything you need to teach preschool, elementary, and middle school Spanish: Our Spanish curriculum will guide you through the grade levels, give you all the materials and content you need, and teach your students to read, write, and speak Spanish. Lesson plans, fun activities, music, literature, art projects, student workbooks, online content, engaging posters, assessments, and standards correlation make lesson-planning easy and teaching fun. Teacher training and support ensures successful implementation of the lessons.
  • Is effective because it is developmentally appropriate: With our Acquire, Develop, Learn ® methodology, students are taught in a Spanish immersion environment through developmentally appropriate activities with lots of opportunity for meaningful communication. This successful and effective methodology enables students to become Spanish communicators, globally literate students, and life-long language learners.
  • Prepares Students for higher level courses in middle and high school: Students develop a strong foundation in Spanish by communicating effectively in Spanish in a variety of situations and for multiple purposes, by interacting with cultural competence, and by having fun and using Spanish for enjoyment, enrichment, and advancement.


We make it easy for teachers to get the training they need, so they will be successful teaching the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum.

  • Training ensures effective implementation of the Sonrisas lessons: Our training sessions will guide you through everything you need to know to teach the Sonrisas lessons effectively. Webinar trainings are offered twice a month, so you have flexibility in scheduling.
  • The Sonrisas Newsletter provides valuable support for teachers: Released monthly, the Sonrisas newsletter includes useful teaching tips, news about teaching Spanish to children, and product announcements. The newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on skills needed for teaching preschool, elementary, and middle school Spanish.


Our goal is to make your customer experience easy, friendly, and timely.

  • Free quotes just call or email our office.
  • Free shipping on all orders.
  • All materials provided in digital format, except storybooks.
  • 24-hour processing time and priority shipping on all curriculum orders.
  • 15-day return policy.