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No, but they have been chosen based on their quality, relevance and availability. The best ways to get the story books are: 1) Order the storybook sets here. 2) Purchase the books individually in the Sonrisas Bookstore. 3) Get them from your local library. If your library does not have them, they can usually be ordered through the interlibrary loan system.

We have a 15 day refund policy on all curriculum products. In order to be refunded, all returned items must be received within 15 days of purchase and in good condition. This means that there are no tears, bends, or marks in the books and that the CDs are unopened. All Storybook Sets are non-refundable.

Because of the flexible nature of the Sonrisas lessons, they can be used in any type of schedule. The lessons can be adapted for teaching twice-a-week, once-a-week, everyday, etc. The lessons can be 20 minutes long, 45 minutes, one hour long, etc. We have seen success with the lessons in many different types of schedules.

Level I and Level II come with a hard copy and digital version of the Student Portfolio that is fully reproducible. You can also buy student portfolios in bulk.

Yes. Level I, Level II, and the Cultural Curriculum are correlated to the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. Each lesson in the teacher’s manual contains standards correlations on the lesson plan page.

To get started, you at least need to buy Sonrisas Level I. This is the beginner level. Sonrisas Level II is for intermediate elementary Spanish students. Both levels can be used for a public school class, a private school class, a preschool class, or an extracurricular class. If you want both levels of the curriculum and the cultural curriculum lessons too, the Sonrisas Curriculum Package is available which includes Level I, Level II, the cultural curriculum, and both CD’s, at a discounted price. You will also want to purchase the corresponding storybook set with whatever level you buy, or you can purchase the storybooks individually in the Sonrisas Bookstore.


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