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Take Advantage of Early Language Learning with Our Preschool Spanish Curriculum

Learning a second language has profound cognitive and academic benefits for students. You can put your preschoolers on the path to realizing these benefits by teaching them Spanish. Our preschool Spanish curriculum provides you with the structure and organization you need to implement an effective preschool Spanish class. Everything is done for you—lesson plans, music, games, storybooks, and art projects. You’ll feel good giving your students the advantages of learning Spanish, and they’ll have fun reaping the benefits of early language learning.

How it works:

  • Every lesson has the structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time. This routine is consistent and predictable which puts young learners’ minds in a receptive state for language learning.
  • In Circle Time you sing songs and play games with students. Circle Time is fun and active, thereby engaging young learners’ bodies in a kinetic mode.
  • In Story Time you read the students a Spanish children’s storybook. The story reinforces language concepts and engages students’ imaginations in Spanish.
  • In Art Time students complete an art project. While students are engaged in the art project, you can have one-on-one conversations with them, about what they’re working on, and this reinforces the language concepts for the lesson.
  • Young children have the ability to naturally acquire a second language. In each lesson, you create an immersion environment with lots of opportunity for interpersonal communication.
  • The combination of immersion in the context of fun and age appropriate activities insures that students have the opportunity to naturally acquire Spanish.
  • Review is written into every lesson so that students get the benefit of valuable repetition with vocabulary and phrases.


We have two options to meet your preschool Spanish needs:

Option 1 – Level I Preschool Edition

The Level I Preschool Edition includes the Sonrisas Level I Teacher Manual and our two music CDs. The manual contains 35 preschool Spanish lessons with enough content for at least two years’ worth of instruction. Sonrisas Level I was originally designed for preschool, and the lessons are age-appropriate and fun for young learners.

Option 2 – Preschool Package

Establish a rich and comprehensive Spanish program for preschoolers. The Preschool Package includes the Level I Preschool Edition (Teacher Manual and two music CDs) and the Sonrisas Calendar Time Curriculum with a 10% discount on the total price. The Calendar Time Curriculum includes the Calendar Time Guide and 73 classroom posters. Activities in the Calendar Time Curriculum focus on days of the week, months, seasons, weather, the Spanish alphabet, and Spanish-speaking countries. With these activities, you can expand your Circle Time content. Your students will thrive with this comprehensive preschool Spanish program.


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