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Give your child the gift of Spanish. Learning Spanish in a homeschool setting can have profound academic, cognitive, and social benefits for your child. The Sonrisas Spanish curriculum for homeschool enables these benefits by developing a strong foundation in speaking, reading, and writing Spanish.

  • Parent involvement is flexible. Having the freedom to decide which kind of homeschool Spanish lessons are best for you and your child is one of our benefits. Choose our Sonrisas At Home Learning for an online, video-based instructional mode. Choose our regular Level I Curriculum for a more traditional teacher-led instructional mode.
  • Students learn Spanish the right way. With our Homeschool Spanish curriculum students acquire Spanish naturally by doing developmentally appropriate activities in an immersion environment with lots of opportunity to speak, read, and write Spanish.
  • Parents establish a consistent routine and structure. Consistency is key for your homeschool Spanish curriculum. The Sonrisas lesson structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time gives you the ability to implement a consistent homeschool Spanish practice for your children.
  • Parents receive human support and resources. We are always available by phone or email for support. Our monthly newsletter contains practical tips and resources for teaching Spanish to children.



Teaching Spanish is fun with our online program. Everything is done for you and your children will love learning Spanish with these fun and engaging video lessons. Students sing along, listen to Spanish storybooks, do art projects, and practice their Spanish with online activities. Ideal for parents with limited Spanish ability or for parents who want to learn alongside their kids.

  • Two year’s worth of lessons.
  • Lesson plans for parents are included.
  • Only $14.95 per month. Cancel at any time.

Sonrisas Level I

Go deep with learning and create an amazing homeschool Spanish class with our beginner level curriculum. Everything you need to teach traditional in-person Spanish lessons is provided. Ideal for parents with Spanish proficiency.

Sonrisas Level II

Develop your child’s comprehension and speaking skills with our intermediate level curriculum. Sonrisas Level II builds on Level I concepts as students gain a higher level of proficiency. Ideal for parents with Spanish proficiency.

Sonrisas Calendar Time Curriculum

Give your children a fun exposure experience with Spanish. Establish a daily, conversational calendar time routine that teaches your children the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, numbers, colors, the alphabet, and Spanish-speaking countries. Includes useful posters that will engage your children as they learn Spanish.


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