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Homeschool Spanish Curriculum

  • The Sonrisas Spanish curriculum is user-friendly, flexible, and fun for children — making it an excellent choice for your homeschool Spanish curriculum needs. You can implement the curriculum in a one-on-one situation with your child or in a group setting with other homeschool children.
  • Our Teacher’s Manual provides you with all the tools you need to teach effectively and easily. Each lesson has an overview page, a procedure page, and art project procedure pages. The lesson overview page tells you the communication objective and language outcomes for the lesson, it lists the vocabulary and phrases covered in the lesson, and it outlines the activities, songs, books, and art projects for the lesson. The lesson procedure page tells you, step-by-step, exactly how to teach each lesson. The art project procedure pages tell you how to complete each art project.
  • The flexibility of our lessons makes Sonrisas an ideal homeschool Spanish curriculum. Every lesson consists of the same structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time (and Partner Time for Level II). There is a great deal of flexibility in this structure because each part of the lesson can be taught independently, and the lesson can therefore be adapted to many different scheduling situations.
  • Sonrisas Spanish is fun and engaging for children, and they end up learning Spanish in much the same way that they learn their first language—by acquiring it naturally through age-appropriate activities. Your children will love our combination of music, role-play activities, games, literature, art, and drama.

We have several choices to meet your homeschool Spanish curriculum needs:

Sonrisas Level I

Our beginner level curriculum has 35 lessons and starts your children on the path to acquiring lots of age-appropriate, practical Spanish.

Sonrisas Level II

Our intermediate level curriculum develops your child’s Spanish, building on Level I concepts, to take their acquisition to a higher level of proficiency.

Sonrisas Calendar Time Curriculum

Establish a daily, conversational calendar time routine that teaches your children the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, numbers, colors, the alphabet, and Spanish-speaking countries. Includes useful posters that will engage your children as they learn Spanish.


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