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The Importance of a Spanish Curriculum for Kids

The Summer Institute of Linguistics reports only 17% of Americans speak a second language in addition to English, while two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world and the official language of 21 countries known for their luxurious travel destinations. Learning Spanish at an early age is beneficial and opens up more options for children later in life.

Implementing a Kids Spanish Curriculum

Implementing a kids Spanish curriculum early in a child’s life can accelerate Spanish learning. Other countries require a second foreign language to be taken by the age of eight. In the United States, a foreign language is not typically introduced until junior or senior year of high school. This puts these teenagers behind because children are naturally acquiring language skills for the first eight years of their life. It also puts them developmentally behind in the language because the brain is more elastic with these skills as a growing child. Studies suggest the earlier a child is introduced to a Spanish curriculum the better. Children will catch on quicker and become more fluent if they are enrolled in Spanish language immersion programs. In general, children who speak a second language can learn a third one quicker.

Sonrisas Spanish specializes in offering beginning Spanish curriculum lessons for preschool and elementary level kids. Their materials cater to children’s primary learning methods of imitation, repetition, songs, and games through lesson plans and Spanish story books. Their Spanish curriculum is designed for classroom lessons or homeschool Spanish lessons. Both offer a structured kids Spanish curriculum for all children.

Benefits of Learning Spanish

When children are younger, their developing minds are able to hear and reproduce sounds more effectively than when they are adults. This makes it easier for them to understand and communicate within the language later in life. Owning a second language is extremely beneficial in today’s world and makes people more valuable for hiring purposes. Studies show a bilingual employee is likely to earn 20% more per hour than a person who only speaks one language. Learning from a Spanish curriculum early also eliminates time and money later down the line for an adult wanting to learn a language.

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