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The Benefits of Adding Hispanic Culture to a Spanish Class

The Benefits of Adding Hispanic Culture to a Spanish Class

There are many benefits to adding Hispanic culture into your Spanish class curriculum, including a performance boost in your entire classroom. Consider these reasons why you should incorporate cultural lessons into your teaching material.

Added Context

Students who struggle with Spanish lessons may benefit from some added context. Essentially, backing up key language concepts with cultural origins and associations can sometimes make lessons easier for children to retain. For instance, educating students on the differences in pronunciation throughout Hispanic communities and countries can improve their ability to hold a conversation in Spanish.

Increased Respect

Unfortunately, discrimination is still prevalent in our day and age, so curbing intolerance in the classroom is essential. This is especially true for Spanish class, as students should learn to grasp the rich culture of this language. Teaching children to be respectful of all cultures will benefit society on a global scale; as a Spanish instructor, you can practice cultural lessons in your classroom.

Greater Appreciation

Spanish is a beautiful language with a rich history, something that every student should study over the course of their education. Since this subject is tricky for the majority of children, giving them a cultural perspective can help them appreciate the language more personally.

For example, understanding the origin of certain words and concepts may encourage students to learn even more and, in the process, sharpen their Spanish skills. Show various documentaries in class and cover cultural material to include Hispanic history in your lessons.

Improved Engagement

Subject curricula can grow stale over the course of the semester; the best way to spice up your teaching material is by including other subjects.

Implementing Hispanic-related geography, English, and social studies lessons can engage children better since students love expanding their knowledge when it’s a subject they enjoy. You can create fun activities that focus on culture, allowing students a break from the curriculum monotony.

The benefits of adding Hispanic culture to a Spanish class are clear—they boost students’ appreciation for and engagement with the subject while providing helpful context. For additional resources, check out our middle school Spanish curriculum and other language materials here at Sonrisas Spanish.

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