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Spanish Songs that Will Help You Learn the Language

Spanish Songs that Will Help You Learn the Language

Learning Spanish is much easier if you can link to a cultural element. There’s nothing better than singing along to a song in another language. These Spanish songs will help you learn the language because they are full of popular slang, examples of vocabulary in context, verb conjugations, and cultural references. Plus, they’ll help you learn how to pronounce Spanish words with a more native accent.

“Como La Flor”

This song is by none other than the Tejano superstar and Hispanic legend Selena. Beyond the song, teaching the importance of Selena’s cultural impact could be a wonderful conversation point to draw students into her music.

The lyrics are very poetic and often repeated, which is helpful for vocabulary practice. Have students listen and fill in missing vocabulary words. More advanced students can place the written accents on the correct words. There are many ways to incorporate music into your lessons.

“La Vida es un Carnaval”

This song celebrates life and is sung by another legend in Latin America, Celia Cruz. This salsa has many opportunities for students to practice the phrase “hay que,” which means “must.” While this song is fast and tricky, students who listen to it often can separate each word, which is a helpful listening comprehension skill and can be a fun end-of-lesson practice activity.

“Tengo La Camisa Negra”

“Tener,” which means “to have,” is a hard conjugation for English speakers to grasp. This fun, upbeat song by Colombian artist Juanes is the perfect Spanish song that will help you learn the language. Repetition is key here as well. This song teaches difficult verb conjugation and helps with subject/adjective agreement, which can also be a stumbling block for some Spanish language learners.

“No Hago Mas Na”

Puerto Rican salsa group El Gran Combo gives us a wonderful song to use when teaching reflexive verbs. The song’s narrator describes his typical day, what he does, and what he eats. Practice activities could include categorizing which verbs in the song are reflexive and which ones aren’t or discussing the colloquial pronunciation of some of the lyrics of the song.

“El Mariachi Loco”

Another great song to include in your collection is the classic Mariachi Loco. Not only does this song feature unique musical instruments, but the lyrics are simple and easy to learn, leading to a fruitful cultural discussion. Add this song to your K-8 Spanish curriculum to help your students experience success memorizing a song in Spanish and practicing stem-changing verbs. Be prepared—this one may get them up and out of their seats.

Songs Can Be a Great Way to Learn the Language!

Music is a great way to incorporate culture into your lessons. Students don’t have to understand every word—they can enjoy the beat, the story behind the song, or the artist’s biography, sparking further curiosity. These songs are popular hits that many people like, and they’re sung in modern Spanish with phrases and words used in everyday life by native speakers of the language. Try incorporating a playlist into your Spanish lessons and watch your classroom come alive!

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