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The Best Age for a Child to Learn a Foreign Language

Make Speaking Spanish Fun for Your Students

Creating Lifelong Language Learners

One of the joys of teaching Spanish is that speaking Spanish is fun. Whether you are a native Spanish speaker or it’s your second language, it’s important that you convey your excitement and interest in Spanish—by your attitude in class, by connecting your students to the Spanish-speaking community in your town, and by talking to them about the many advantages of knowing a second language. When you do this, your preschool and elementary Spanish students will tune into and connect with this positive attitude about Spanish. They will develop a positive connotation with learning a second language which will make them more open to continuing their Spanish education or learning another language. When you make speaking Spanish fun for your students, you are creating lifelong language learners.

Fun in Every Segment of the Lesson

All of the games, activities, stories, songs, and art projects in the Sonrisas Spanish curriculum make it easy to create a fun and exciting environment in your class. Circle Time is meant to be very kinetic and engaging for young learners. The songs and poems that your students recite reflect the richness and beauty of Spanish. Singing songs while performing movement and gesture connects Spanish to your student’s bodies.

During Story Time, you can bring the story to life using shared reading techniques. Children love books, and a great story-telling experience creates an immediate connection for them. Reading to children in Spanish is not only fun, but it also engages their imaginations in Spanish which goes a long way toward their acquisition.

The focus of Art Time should be on students enjoying the process of creating. Children love to manipulate, create, build, explore, and imagine. When you converse with your students in Spanish about the art projects they are working on, you reinforce the idea that they can actually do things with the language.

Speaking Spanish is Fun, and Important

At Sonrisas Spanish, we believe strongly that a positive language experience fosters openness to the sounds, the songs, the stories, the culture, and the people of that language. This openness in turn creates more understanding. Our world could use more understanding. So, make speaking Spanish fun for your students—they’ll love it, your job will be more enjoyable, and you’ll be part of an important process of making our world a better place.

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