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Fun and Easy Spanish Vocabulary Games

Fun and Easy Spanish Vocabulary Games

To break up the flow of your normal curriculum, you can combine it with a variety of educational games. This way, the kids can have fun and learn at the same time. Here are three of the most fun and easy Spanish vocabulary games to play with your class.


Let’s start off with a classic which only requires the designated cards to play: Bingo. Don’t worry, Bingo cards are not hard to find online, and as long as you have access to a printer, you can make enough copies for your students. Then, have the students fill in the empty spaces on their Bingo cards with different Spanish vocabulary words.

If you want to include specific words on the cards, you can fill out the Bingo sheet in accordance with your curriculum instead. Once the Bingo cards are ready and in the hands of your students, begin calling out the vocabulary words. The students will mark their cards accordingly. Once someone marks a full row of words, they yell “Bingo!” and win.


This game simply requires a ball and enough room to play. You can play it in the classroom, but it’s the perfect opportunity to take the kids outside as well. When selecting a ball, go with something light, like a beach volleyball, because kids will be throwing it around, and you don’t want injuries or property damage.

Once you have chosen the ball and the play area, begin associating objects in the play area with questions. For instance, hitting a bush could mean the student receives a vocabulary question about an object, while hitting a tree may mean the student receives a vocabulary question about colors or animals. Split the students into two teams and have them throw the ball across the room. After a student throws the ball, they must answer the corresponding question. It’s as simple and fun as Bingo, but a bit more active.


This game is an educational take on the classic game “spoons”. However, you’ll need to create your own deck of cards. Instruct students to sit in a circle, and place several spoons in the center of the circle. Place infinitive verbs on one half of the cards and their corresponding conjugations on the second half. The dealer begins by passing cards around the circle of students. Students can either pass the card or use it if they can. Students each have their own hand of cards, which they’ll need to pair with the right conjugation or infinitive in order to pick up a spoon. The student with the most spoons by the end of the game wins.

With the help of these fun and easy Spanish vocabulary games that coincide with a preschool Spanish curriculum, you can educate your students in creative ways. In fact, they’ll be having so much fun they might not even realize how much they’re learning as well.

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