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Sonrisas Level III

Sonrisas Level III is a comprehensive and effective elementary and middle school Spanish curriculum for grades 5th-8th. In Sonrisas Level III students learn the how and why of Spanish while they build comprehension and speaking skills. The Level III lessons include grammar and communication strategy instruction.
Students learn cultural competence through cultural readings and whole group discussions. Learners achieve Spanish proficiency up to the Intermediate Low level with Sonrisas Level III.

Sonrisas Level III


Elementary and Middle School Spanish curriculum for students grades 5th-8th. Includes Teacher’s Manual, Student Portfolio, Resource CD. (CD provided in digital format only.)

How It Works
  • Lessons are organized into seven thematic units with ten lessons in each unit.
  • TPR activities introduce new grammar concepts and phrases that are practical for classroom and everyday usage.
  • Students integrate the sound and writing systems of Spanish with spelling activities.
  • A cultural theme is introduced with a cultural reading. Students engage in a whole group discussion about the cultural theme which reinforces cultural competence and understanding.
  • Each unit focuses on a grammar concept. Students are taught the grammar concept. They practice it with a grammar exercise. Then they use it throughout the rest of the unit in the TPRS story, the whole group reading activity, and the Partner Time activity.
  • TPRS Storytelling® is used to build comprehension and speaking skills. Students gain fluency through repetition of vocabulary and phrases and through the use of grammar concepts in the stories.
  • Students learn communication strategies which help them bridge the gap between language and culture.
  • Students do whole group reading activities and Partner Time activities in which they apply the cultural theme, grammar, and the vocabulary and phrases from the TPRS story as they build comprehension, speaking, and Spanish reading skills.

Number of Seats:

Sonrisas Level III includes:

Level III Teacher’s Manual
Level III Student Portfolio
Level III Resource CD

  • A step-by-step explanation and guide for teaching the lessons.
  • Seven units with ten lessons each.
  • Lesson plans which include unit overview pages, lesson plan pages, culture introduction pages, grammar lessons, story guides, communication strategy pages, and reading pages.
  • Scope and sequence.

See a Sample Lesson

  • Students do grammar and reading exercises and practice communication strategies.
  • Each lesson culminates with a Partner Time activity in which students engage in the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational modes of communication while they use what they learned in the lesson to complete a task together.
  • Portfolio activities can be done in class or assigned for homework.
  • Home Reports for each lesson allow parents to see what their child is learning in Spanish. Teachers send the reports home to parents. Home Reports include an assessment section and suggestions for at-home enrichment.
  • Formative and summative assessments allow teachers to monitor student learning to guide instruction and evaluate student learning using “I can” statements.
  • The Student Portfolio is fully reproducible and comes in both print and digital formats.

See a Sample of the Portfolio

  • 64 documents and images which support the lessons.
  • Five training videos for the TPRS Storytelling® method.

Level III Resource CD