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Sonrisas CD

Music enables young language learners to make linguistic connections through physical activity. Songs and body movement activate student’s musical and kinesthetic intelligences. The Sonrisas CD contains all the songs, poems, and chants—all in Spanish—in the Sonrisas Curriculum. The Sonrisas CD is included in the bundles, Sonrisas Level I, Sonrisas Level II, and the preschool products. It can also be purchased individually.

Sonrisas CD


29 traditional and original Spanish songs for kids. Included in the bundles, Sonrisas Level I, Sonrisas Level II, Sonrisas Preschool Curriculum, and the Preschool Package. Provided in digital format only.

Song Samples

Click the PLAY buttons to hear samples from the Sonrisas CD

(Files may take several seconds to download, depending on the speed of your connection):

Track 9 – “Diez Gatitos”

Track 12 – “Te quiero”

Track 13 – “Mamá y papá”

Track 16 – “Moscas en la leche”

Track 28 – “Naranja dulce”

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