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Elementary Bundle

If you need elementary Spanish curriculum for grades PreK-4th, look no further. Our Elementary Bundle combines Sonrisas Level I, Sonrisas Level II, the Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum, and the Calendar Time Curriculum at an affordable price. This provides you with everything you need to teach elementary Spanish.

Elementary Bundle


Elementary Spanish curriculum for students PreK-4th. Includes Sonrisas Level I (Teacher’s Manual, Student Portfolio, and Resource CD), Sonrisas Level II (Teacher’s Manual, Student Portfolio, and Resource CD), Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum, Sonrisas Calendar Time Guide, 73 classroom posters, and two music CDs at a 25% discount. (CDs provided in digital format only.)

Number of Seats:

Elementary Bundle includes:

Sonrisas Level I
Sonrisas Level II
Cultural Curriculum
Calendar Time Curriculum

Includes Teacher’s Manual, Student Portfolio, Resource CD, two music CDs, Calendar Time Guide, and 73 classroom posters. (CDs provided in digital format only.)

Sonrisas Level I

Includes Teacher’s Manual, Student Portfolio, Resource CD, two music CDs, Calendar Time Guide, and 73 classroom posters. (CDs provided in digital format only.)

Sonrisas Level II

  • Nine cultural lessons for elementary Spanish.
  • Reproducibles for the art projects.
  • Home reports for parents to support their child’s learning at home.

Cultural Curriculum

  • Teachers follow the Calendar Time scope and sequence or create their own with the Calendar Time scope and sequence template.
  • Teachers plan each Calendar Time lesson by filling out the Calendar Time lesson plan which includes daily questions, review, daily activities, alphabet activities, geography activities, month activities, and season activities.
  • Students gain a solid foundation in meaningful Spanish communication that connects them to their environment and gives them a deeper understanding of the world around them and how they fit into that world.
  • Teachers can use the Calendar Time Curriculum as a standalone curriculum for preschool or elementary Spanish. For teachers using Sonrisas Level I or Level II, the Spanish calendar activities can be done in the Circle Time segment of each lesson.

Calendar Time Curriculum

Small Format Classroom Posters

  • Sixty nine 8.5” x 11” posters that you will use in your Calendar Time lessons.
  • 30 alphabet posters with creative and playful text. The posters correspond to the alphabet activities in the guide.
  • One poster for each month of the year.
  • Four season posters.
  • Five weather posters with common weather phrases.
  • El tren de los días de la semana posters—one poster for each day of the week.
  • Ten color posters.

Large Format Classroom Posters

  • Four 18” x 24” laminated posters including a blank calendar, the numbers 1—31, a world map, and daily questions with spaces to write the answers.
  • Colorful, engaging, and useful for each Calendar Time lesson.
  • Students can participate in reading and writing Spanish.

Free Rockalingua teacher subscription

Technology should be used to enhance language instruction and practice. Sonrisas Spanish has partnered with Rockalingua to offer a wonderful online resource that can support your students’ language learning. Your purchase of the Level I or Level II curriculum includes a free Teacher subscription to Rockalingua. This is a $159 value that will allow your students to:

  • Use their devices to supplement the Sonrisas Spanish lessons.
  • Listen to and view authentic music videos.
  • Work at their own pace and practice discrete skills with engaging online content.
  • Benefit from differentiated instruction.

After you purchase, you will receive a unique code to activate your Rockalingua subscription as well as a guide for which videos correspond to the Sonrisas Spanish lessons.

Read more about the role of technology in the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum.

Add Level I Online Learning for online interactive content for students.