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Cultural Curriculum

Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum is a valuable supplement to Sonrisas Level I and Level II. Students take imaginary trips to Spanish-speaking countries—learning and practicing their Spanish while they explore each country’s culture and geography and celebrate various holidays and customs. Students gain cultural competence and understanding with these fun and engaging lessons.

Cultural Curriculum


Includes nine fun cultural lessons. Use as a supplement for Level I and Level II.

How It Works
  • The lessons follow the Sonrisas structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time with a fun twist.
  • Students take imaginary trips to different Spanish-speaking countries.
  • They make passports, discuss how they might be able to travel to each country, then act out the travel to that country. When they “arrive” in the country, they color a flag from the country and glue it in their passport.
  • Students then do a lesson that focuses on the geography, dialects, and culture of the country.
  • Culture is taught in a fun, developmentally appropriate context.
  • Lessons can be taught anytime throughout the school year (except for several of the lessons which are holiday-focused).

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