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Calendar Time Curriculum

Use the Sonrisas Spanish Calendar Time lessons to establish a robust, conversational Calendar Time routine. Students use Spanish to provide information about the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, numbers, colors, the alphabet, and Spanish-speaking countries. The Calendar Time Curriculum is included in the bundles and Sonrisas Levels I and II. It is also a useful supplement for Sonrisas Level III.

Calendar Time Curriculum


Included in the bundles and Sonrisas Level I and Sonrisas Level II. Makes a great addition to Sonrisas Level III as well. Includes the Calendar Time Guide, 69 small format posters, and 4 large format posters.

How It Works
  • Teachers follow the Calendar Time scope and sequence or create their own with the Calendar Time scope and sequence template.
  • Teachers plan each Calendar Time lesson by filling out the Calendar Time lesson plan which includes daily questions, review, daily activities, alphabet activities, geography activities, month activities, and season activities.
  • Students gain a solid foundation in meaningful Spanish communication that connects them to their environment and gives them a deeper understanding of the world around them and how they fit into that world.
  • Teachers can use the Calendar Time Curriculum as a standalone curriculum for preschool or elementary Spanish. For teachers using Sonrisas Level I or Level II, the Spanish calendar activities can be done in the Circle Time segment of each lesson.

Number of Seats:

Calendar Time Curriculum includes:

Calendar Time Guide
Small Format Classroom Posters
Large Format Classroom Posters

  • Detailed explanation of how to establish your Calendar Time routine with over 70 activities.
  • 22 daily, month, and season activities.
  • 30 detailed alphabet activities that teach students the sounds and spelling of the Spanish alphabet.
  • 21 in-depth geography activities which are focused on the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.
  • Calendar Time lesson plan, Calendar Time scope and sequence, and Calendar Time scope and sequence template for easy planning.
  • Calendar Time checklist to keep track of all of the activities that you cover.

See Samples

  • Sixty nine 8.5” x 11” posters that you will use in your Calendar Time lessons.
  • 30 alphabet posters with creative and playful text. The posters correspond to the alphabet activities in the guide.
  • One poster for each month of the year.
  • Four season posters.
  • Five weather posters with common weather phrases.
  • El tren de los días de la semana posters—one poster for each day of the week.
  • Ten color posters.

  • Four 18” x 24” laminated posters including a blank calendar, the numbers 1—31, a world map, and daily questions with spaces to write the answers.
  • Colorful, engaging, and useful for each Calendar Time lesson.
  • Students can participate in reading and writing Spanish.