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Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum

How it works:

  • The lessons follow the Sonrisas structure of Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time with a fun twist.
  • Students take imaginary trips to different Spanish-speaking countries.
  • They make passports, discuss how they might be able to travel to each country, then act out the travel to that country. When they “arrive” in the country, they color a flag from the country and glue it in their passport.
  • Students then do a lesson that focuses on the geography, dialects, and culture of the country.
  • Culture is taught in a fun, developmentally appropriate context.
  • Lessons can be taught anytime throughout the school year (except for several of the lessons which are holiday-focused).

The Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum Includes:

  • Nine cultural lessons for elementary Spanish
  • Straightforward lesson plans that tell you exactly what to do.
  • Authentic children’s Spanish literature that engages students more effectively than early readers
  • A proven methodology that is research and standards-based and combines pedagogical approaches such as the Natural Approach, Total Physical Response (TPR), Waldorf methods, Authentic Literature, and the Multiple Intelligences. Read about the Sonrisas methodology.
  • Detailed assessment rubrics
  • Standards for Foreign Language Learning correlations in every lesson
  • Art projects in which students work with the vocabulary and concepts of the lessons
  • Reproducibles for the art projects
  • Home reports for parents to support their child’s learning at home
  • Storybooks are not included in the curriculum. You can purchase the Cultural Curriculum Storybook Set. This set includes all the storybooks you will need for the Cultural Curriculum packaged together with free shipping. It’s a great way to instantly have an incredible Spanish classroom library. Click here to see the titles. Or you can purchase the storybooks separately in the Sonrisas Bookstore.


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