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Sonrisas CD

A collection of 29 traditional and original Spanish songs for kids.

Songs, body motions, and dance play a central role in the Sonrisas Spanish lessons. The Sonrisas CD contains all of the songs, poems, and chants—all in Spanish— in the Sonrisas Curriculum and provides all of the lyrics in the CD jacket. Parents can purchase the CD and participate in their child’s Spanish learning at home or in the car. The Sonrisas CD is included with all of the curricula or it can be purchased individually. We offer a 10% discount on CD orders of ten or more and 40% off orders of twenty or more.

Song Samples

Click the PLAY buttons to hear samples from the Sonrisas CD.

(Files may take several seconds to download, depending on the speed of your connection):

Track 9 – “Diez Gatitos”

Track 12 – “Te quiero”

Track 13 – “Mamá y papá”

Track 16 – “Moscas en la leche”

Track 28 – “Naranja dulce”


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