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  • Albertina anda arriba

    by Nancy Maria Grande Tabor

    The cast of animal characters in this alphabet book help teach your students the Spanish alphabet with fun pictures that provide lots of opportunity to practice the identification and sounds of the Spanish letters. Can be used throughout Sonrisas Level I or Sonrisas Level II. (8 x 10)

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  • El papalote

    by Alma Flor Ada

    Another beautiful book from Alma Flor Ada with fun, engaging illustrations for children. Follow the flow of the good luck/bad luck as a group of children and their mom make a kite and attempt to fly it. We use this book to teach the opposites of bueno y malo in Lesson 17 of Sonrisas Level I. (8 x 10)

  • Harry

    by Gene Zion

    A classic story, first published in 1956, Harry, el perrito sucio tells the story of Harry, a white dog with black spots, who runs away from home and has some fun getting dirty until he is a black dog with white spots. Upon returning home, Harry has a hard time convincing his family that he is Harry until he tricks them into giving him a bath, and they discover his true identity. Use this book to teach the opposites clean and dirty as in Lesson 18 of Sonrisas Level I. In Lesson 24 of Sonrisas Level II, we have adapted this book into a fun play for Spanish students. (10 x 8.75)

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    Oso en casa

  • Oye el desierto

    by Pat Mora

    Children love seeing the pictures and hearing the sounds of desert animals as they read this rhythmic, lyrical chant. Bright and decorative geometrical drawings and predictable, repetitive text draw them into the atmosphere of the desert. This book is bilingual. We use it to teach Escucha in Lesson 22 of Sonrisas Level I. (9 x 8)