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    A comer

    This bilingual book will charm readers with its close-knit family and fun illustrations. As a family sits down for a meal, they realize how grateful they are for their many blessings. Accompanies Lesson 12 of Level I, Mi familia. (9 x 9)


    A mi manera

    The fun characters, Margaret and Margarita, are back in this purposeful book that portrays confidence and making good choices for young children. Accompanies Lesson 17 in Level II. (9 x 8)


    Así me siento yo

    This marvelous book uses colors, fun illustrations, and rhyming text to describe different feelings and emotions including chistoso, assustado, resentida, feliz, triste, enojado, agradecido, frustrado, tímida, aburrido, emocionado, celoso, and orgulloso. Accompanies Lesson 2 in Level I. (8.5 x 10)


    David va al colegio

    Children love this story, and your “challenging” students will really appreciate it. David can’t seem to stay out of trouble at school as he does one thing after the other that he is not supposed to do. This book is great for teaching vocabulary related to school and Spanish commands—especially as they relate to school rules. Accompanies Lesson 2 of Sonrisas Level II. THIS BOOK IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE IN SPANISH. WE HAVE THE ENGLISH VERSION AND CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH A TRANSCRIPT OF THE SPANISH. (8.25 x 11)


    Froggy se viste

    If you do not have this book, get it now! Froggy wakes up from his winter hibernation and wants to play in the snow. When Froggy finally gets all dressed for the snow, his mother reminds him that he has forgotten one very important article of clothing—his underwear! Kids love the punch line and will never forget the words ropa interior. A great book for teaching clothing. Accompanies Lesson 11 of Sonrisas Level I. (10.25 x 8.5)


    Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí?

    A long-time classic book for children with Eric Carle’s unique painting and collage illustrations. This simple yet wonderful tale can be used to teach colors or animals—we also use it to teach Yo veo and the difference between tú y usted in Lesson 24 of Sonrisas Level I and Lesson 5 of Level II respectively. (8.25 x 10.25)