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    Cómo te quiero yo?

    The question in the title of this book is answered by many beautiful examples. The fun illustrations provide comprehensible input for young readers as they learn the important phrase, Te quiero. Accompanies Lesson 33 in Level I. (7 x 8.5)


    La oruga muy hambrienta

    Eric Carle's classic tale of counting, food, days of the week, and metamorphasis. Carle's unique paint and collage illustrations always capture childrens' imagination. We use this book to teach days of the week in Lesson 6 of Sonrisas Level I and then again in Lesson 23 to teach tengo hambre. (7 x 5)


    Me gusta cuando

    Bold colors and simple dialogue make this an easily comprehensible and fun book for learning the phrase me gusta. Accompanies Lesson 15 of Sonrisas Level I (6 x 5)


    Pintura de ratón

    A delightful book for young readers that tells the tale of three playful mice that find three jars of paint and discover what happens when you mix yellow, blue, and red paint together. An obvious choice for a lesson on colors. Can be used with Lesson 3 of Sonrisas Level I. (4.75 x 4.25)