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K-6 Bundle


Sonrisas Level I is an elementary Spanish curriculum for students who are at a beginner level. Level I provides you with everything you need to start a comprehensive and effective Spanish program for students in grades Prek—5th

How its works

Level II has the same structure as Level I—Circle Time, Story Time, and Art Time—with the addition of Partner Time.

Partner Time capitalizes on older elementary student’s developmental capacity to work in a peer-to-peer mode.

In Partner Time, students work together, using their Spanish, to complete an activity that gives them more practice with the performance targets.

In Partner Time, students engage in the three modes of communication— interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational.

Students do portfolio activities which give them independent practice with the performance targets for the lesson and develop reading and writing skills in Spanish.

Free Rockalingua teacher subscription

Technology should be used to enhance language instruction and practice. Sonrisas Spanish has partnered with Rockalingua to offer a wonderful online resource that can support your students’ language learning. Your purchase of the Level I or Level II curriculum includes a free Teacher subscription to Rockalingua. This is a $159 value that will allow your students to:

  • Use their devices to supplement the Sonrisas Spanish lessons.
  • Listen to and view authentic music videos.
  • Work at their own pace and practice discrete skills with engaging online content.
  • Benefit from differentiated instruction.

After you purchase, you will receive a unique code to activate your Rockalingua subscription as well as a guide for which videos correspond to the Sonrisas Spanish lessons.

Read more about the role of technology in the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum.