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Dual Language and Immersion Programs

  • As dual language and immersion programs become increasingly popular, many schools and districts find that there is still a need for dedicated Spanish instruction within these programs.
  • Just as students in traditional English speaking curricular programs receive instruction in English grammar, reading, and writing, students in dual language programs and Spanish language immersion programs benefit from instruction in SSL—Spanish as a second language.
  • Most districts do not implement their dual language programs in every school. Students in non-dual language schools can benefit from SSL classes. Click here to read about one such program in the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo District in Texas.
  • The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum provides a complete solution to these challenges by offering an effective SSL curriculum which can be implemented in a variety of ways to complement dual language programs and Spanish language immersion programs. Contact us today to find out how.

We have several options to meet SSL needs in dual language and immersion programs:

Sonrisas Level I

Teach SSL to beginner-level students with effective lessons that fit perfectly into your dual language day. Everything you need is provided for you, so you don’t spend extra time planning and prepping.

Sonrisas Level II

Perfect for teaching SSL to intermediate students. Build skills in the three modes of communication—the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational—with partner time activities.

Sonrisas Level III

Upper elementary and middle school students will benefit from the robust lessons which explicitly teach grammar, culture, comprehension, speaking, reading, and communication strategy skills.

Sonrisas Calendar Time Curriculum

Our Calendar Time Curriculum provides a fun and easy way to establish a daily, conversational calendar time routine that teaches students the days of the week, months, seasons, weather, numbers, colors, the alphabet, and Spanish-speaking countries.


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