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Choose from these authentic children's Spanish literature titles.

  • Books are in alphabetical order.
  • All text in the books are in Spanish unless otherwise noted.
  • Correlations to the Sonrisas lessons are at the end of each description.
  • Book dimensions are in parenthesis.

    Oso pardo, oso pardo, ¿qué ves ahí?

    by Eric Carle

    A long-time classic book for children with Eric Carle’s unique painting and collage illustrations. This simple yet wonderful tale can be used to teach colors or animals—we also use it to teach Yo veo and the difference between tú y usted in Lesson 24 of Sonrisas Level I and Lesson 5 of Level II respectively. (8.25 x 10.25)


    Oye al desierto

    by Pat Mora

    This book is sure to engage children’s imagination as they absorb the beautiful sounds of a desert environment and view the bold illustrations of different desert animals. The repetitive text lends itself well to students reading along. We use this book to teach escucha in Lesson 22 of Level I. (10 x 8.5)


    Pero yo lo quiero

    by Holly Karapetkova

    Little worm learns a good lesson about the difference between luxuries and necessities in this fun book that helps to teach the phrase Yo quiero. Accompanies Lesson 26 of Level I. (7 x 7)


    Perro grande, perro pequeño

    by P.D. Eastman

    This classic story from 1973 follows Big Dog and Little Dog through their exciting, happy lives until they have a slight problem with the size of their beds at a hotel. A little bird friend helps them resolve their problem easily. Great for teaching opposites, colors, and buenas noches. This book is bilingual. Accompanies Lesson 16 of Sonrisas Level I. (8 x 8)


    Pintura de ratón

    by Ellen Stoll Walsh

    A delightful book for young readers that tells the tale of three playful mice that find three jars of paint and discover what happens when you mix yellow, blue, and red paint together. An obvious choice for a lesson on colors. Can be used with Lesson 3 of Sonrisas Level I. (4.75 x 4.25)


    Plantas que alimentan

    by Marcia S. Freeman

    Connecting students to science, this book teaches Spanish learners the different parts of plants that we can eat. Accompanies Lesson 22 of Sonrisas Level II. (7.5 x 6)


    Qué se puede hacer con el agua?

    by Marcia S. Freeman

    With real-life photographs, this book connects Spanish learners to science and teachers them about all of the different things that we can do with water. Accompanies Lesson 23 of Sonrisas Level II. (7.5 x 6)


    Quienquiera que seas

    by Mem Fox

    In this beautifully illustrated book, author Mem Fox interlaces her travels around our world, crossing cultures and generations, and celebrating the bonds that unify us all. A beautiful tale that we use as in the final lesson of the thematic unit, “Celebrating Diversity”, in Sonrisas Level II. (10 x 10)


    Quiero viajar

    by Mario Castro

    This book explores different modes of transportation and travel using comprehensible text and fun photographs of various vehicles and landscapes. It’s the perfect book to start a discussion on different ways to travel to Spanish-speaking countries. It is used in Lesson 1 of the Cultural Curriculum. (9 x 7)


    Salí de paseo

    by Sue Williams

    Salí de paseo. ¿Qué fue lo que viste? Esto es lo que vi. Vi a un gato negro mirándome a mí. A young boy goes for a walk, and on each page he discovers a new animal of a different color. This book is simply beautiful with soft watercolor illustrations and repetitive text. Use it to teach colors, animals, past tense of ir, or past tense of ver. Accompanies Lesson 3 of Sonrisas Level I. (10.5 x 10)


    Salta, ranita, salta!

    by Robert Kalan

    With bold, colorful illustrations by Byron Barton, this book will not fail to delight children. See if frog can escape the basket put over him by the kids who picked up the net that wrapped around the turtle, that slid into the pond and ate the snake, that dropped from a branch and swallowed the fish, that swam after the frog that was under the fly that climbed out of the water. The fun, repetetive text makes this an engaging tale. Accompanies Lesson 21 of Sonrisas Level I. (9.5 x 8)


    Se venden gorras

    by Esphyr Slobodkina

    This is the classic story of a traveling salesman, some monkeys, and their mischief. First published in the 1940’s, this book has withstood the test of time as a humorous and captivating tale for children. With a Spanish translation by Teresa Mlawer, you can use this book to teach many different Spanish themes to children including: se venden, colores, la siesta, derecha/izquierda, plural commands, and as we do in Lesson 7 of Sonrisas Level II, the adverbs primero, luego, y por último. (8 x 10)