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Welcome to the Sonrisas Bookstore

Choose from these authentic children’s Spanish literature titles.

  • Books are in alphabetical order.
  • All text in the books is in Spanish unless otherwise noted.
  • Correlations to the Sonrisas lessons are at the end of each description.
  • Book dimensions are in parenthesis.

This wonderful story, with Tomie dePaola’s glorious paintings, captures the spirit and beauty of this southwestern Christmas tradition. Christmas Eve in Santa Fe is celebrated by the traditional procession Las Posadas. Sister Angie arranges for the people of a nearby mountain village to re-enact Mary and Joseph’s search for shelter the night baby Jesus was born. The whole village has been practicing for weeks. Everything is going to be perfect. But when Sister Angie becomes sick and the couple who are playing Mary and Joseph get stuck in a snowstorm, only a miracle will save Las posadas. Accompanies Lesson 32 of Sonrisas Level I and Lesson 4 of Sonrisas Cultural Curriculum. (8.5 x 11)


To read an in-depth review of this book Click here. If you are teaching the months or the seasons, this is the book for you! The text takes you through each month and the corresponding seasons. The pictures are chock-full of images that reflect each month with the vocabulary for the images at the bottom of each page so students can search for them. At the back of the book, all in Spanish, you will find information on the history of the names of months, why the seasons change, the history of calendars, and comparisons of the names of the days of the week in six different languages. Accompanies Lesson 7 of Sonrisas Level I and Lesson 4 of Sonrisas Level II. (10 x 9.5)