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Why You Should Teach Your Homeschooled Child Spanish

Did you know that children who understand a second language can learn a third language faster?

And that’s just one reason to invest in a homeschool Spanish curriculum. To learn more about the unique benefits of teaching Spanish to your children, read on.

Keep Pace With Public and Private School Education

Spanish is taught more than any other language in public and private schools. It’s also offered as an SAT II subject test, as well as an AP test. You can get your kids off to an early start with a homeschool Spanish curriculum for children. This way, they’ll be kept up to speed with other kids learning a second language in public and private schools.

Develop Key Language Skills Early

As mentioned above, children who already speak a second language are prepared to learn a third language even faster. There’s a window of time in your child’s life when language-learning comes most naturally. By starting a homeschool Spanish curriculum for kids during this time, you will set them up for a lifetime of increased ability and confidence.

Additionally, learning Spanish will help your children understand English better. Both languages have roots in Latin, so they share many similarities and even some of the same words. This can help boost your child’s vocabulary and grasp of English.

Meet and Understand More People

According to census reports, Spanish comes in second place as the most-spoken language in the world — even more than the total number of English speakers. That includes 387 million people worldwide who speak Spanish as a native language. Spanish is also the second-most spoken language in the United States, so learning this language doesn’t just open you up to new cultures in other places. In some ways, it opens up the world just outside your front door.

Enjoy More Options for Travel

Did you know that Spanish is the official language for 21 individual countries around the world? Many of these countries are exciting and in-demand travel destinations. By learning Spanish ahead of time, your family can stray away from the typical tourist path and truly experience the local environment and culture in these countries.

As another major perk, you will experience much less travel stress by understanding the language. Instead of you or your children relying on the locals’ ability to speak English, you’ll be able to hold your own just about anywhere. This is especially important when you’re a parent with younger children.

Increase Future Options for Employment

All great parents want to give their children the best start possible in their career. If your children are fluent in Spanish already by the time they start looking for a job, they’ll have a better chance of landing a high-paying job right away. Even if all they learn in school is the basics of Spanish, that will equip them to become fluent later on. Since many careers require or encourage people to know a second language and since Spanish is such a universal tongue, understanding it can only help to make someone a better employee — as well as a better person.

Expand Cultural Horizons

Many of the world’s renowned artists, performers, and storytellers have spoken Spanish as their native tongue and created their art in that language. By making Spanish a part of your homeschooling program, you will also be able to share these works of art with your children. Getting to see another culture like this will increase your children’s appreciation for the diverse world we live in.

Learning Spanish is Fun and Easier Than You’d Expect

Did you know that hundreds of English words are the same in Spanish? Often the pronunciation is slightly altered, but the spelling is the same. This makes learning Spanish surprisingly simple for English-speaking children.

From seeing new parts of the world to enjoying better career options, these are just a few of the many benefits your children will experience as a result of taking a homeschool Spanish curriculum.

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