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Why Today’s Young Students Need To Learn Spanish

spanish for preschoolersOur country’s cultural makeup is always changing, which means that being bilingual is an invaluable skill for your students to have. As an educator, you can prepare your classroom for the future with a childrens Spanish curriculum. Whether you are interested in teaching Spanish for preschoolers or starting a curriculum in your elementary school classroom, there are plenty of reasons why your students should learn to speak this language.

  1. The U.S. is the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Second only to Mexico, the U.S. is home to an estimated 50 million Spanish speaking people. And this number will only get bigger. By teaching Spanish to your students, you are allowing them to communicate with this growing sector of the population.
  2. Speaking Spanish will open job opportunities in the future. By speaking Spanish, your students will be more attractive job candidates when they’re older, since they are able to communicate with Spanish speaking individuals. They may also allow them to make more money. Studies show that bilingual employees earn 20% more per hour on average than monolingual employees.
  3. Language can open up your community. By being able to speak with their neighbors in multiple languages, your students will be more involved and responsible citizens. They can gain empathy for the immigrants in their community and can integrate themselves into various events and groups.
  4. Travel will be a more enriching experience. There are 21 countries that speak Spanish as an official language. By speaking Spanish, children can have a more enriching travel experience in these countries as adults. They may even be able to work abroad and live in a Spanish-speaking country long term.
  5. Learning a second language benefits the brain. Incorporating Spanish for preschoolers and elementary students in the classroom won’t allow them to learn a second language. Your classroom Spanish curriculum lessons can also boost memory, multitasking skills, and reading abilities. You may notice that your students are excelling in various other areas as well.

By purchasing a Spanish curriculum for your students, you are opening the world to them in many different ways. Now is the time for your students to learn a second language. Their young minds can absorb it more readily, and they will surely thank you in the future.

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