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Why Spanish Should Be Taught in Early Grades

The ability to speak multiple languages is beneficial for a lot of reasons. It sets you apart in the job world, especially in customer service positions where multiple languages might come in handy on a daily basis. It makes traveling easier. It is even believed that it can make you smarter. However, many people never learn to speak even a second language. They either wait until they’re older to start and struggle with following through, or never start at all.

Spanish is a great second language to start with and is one that should be taught during early schooling. A Spanish curriculum in preschools or elementary schools can have a lot of benefits for the children that go to those schools. Take a look at the different benefits that learning Spanish in an earlier grade can have for children.

They Learn Faster

Children are like sponges when it comes to knowledge. The younger they are, the more rapidly their brain is developing. Every little experience is a learning opportunity and their bodies and minds are constantly soaking in new information. This is why starting a second language at a younger age is so much better.

A beginning Spanish curriculum for children in preschool is going to be much more beneficial than one for high schoolers. Preschool children are more susceptible to learning new things and are still developing their language skills. This means that you can ingrain the Spanish language in them at the same time that they are developing their English. It will become more like second nature because they haven’t had as much time to get used to speaking English. They will grow up learning to speak two languages and it will become the norm for them. Also, kids who speak two languages are often able to learn a third language even faster.

Setting Up For Success

Because it is so much easier for young children to learn a new language, Spanish for preschoolers can help set children up for future success. They have a better chance of mastering the language before they become adults and enter the working world. Being bilingual is a huge asset in today’s job market, especially in the United States. There are so many cultures and languages present in the U.S., and more and more businesses are working with people who speak Spanish. A beginning Spanish curriculum in preschool could lead to a child snagging an amazing job in the future. Their ability to communicate with a larger variety of customers or make better connections with Spanish speaking employees makes them an asset to their company.

Open Their Minds

Exposing children to different languages and cultures is a great way to open their minds from a young age. It teaches them to appreciate diversity and to make connections with people from all walks of life. A beginning Spanish curriculum could be the first step towards this kind of immersion. It’s important to nurture this type of growth and understanding in our children, because it can allow them to forge stronger relationships and go further in life.

Learning a second language at an early age benefits children in so many ways, especially if they keep with it as they get older. Encouraging our children to become bilingual and experience other cultures will help them grow into smart and successful adults.

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