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Why Attention Getters in Spanish Are Important

Why Attention Getters in Spanish Are Important

Any teacher will tell you there are challenges to teaching the youth. Their young minds are difficult to predict, and, as such, it is challenging to build curriculums around their interests and strengths. That’s why attention getters are so important in the Spanish classroom.

But what is an “attention getter?” They can be something simple like a fun presentation or something more complex like a unique project. The ultimate function of an attention getter is to get the entire class interested in their studies. Let’s further explore the importance of these attention getters.

Draw in Younger Students

Getting younger students interested in academia isn’t that difficult, as most children are eager to learn new subjects. That’s because the brain naturally wants to increase its capabilities and knowledge. Plus, the sensation of mastering a new topic is enjoyable to young minds.

However, that doesn’t mean your kids will automatically give their full attention to their Spanish studies. Having attention getters in your classrooms, such as child-friendly arts and crafts activities or Spanish sing-alongs, helps solidify a student’s desire to learn. Young children prefer stimulation in the form of energetic activities, colors, and visuals, so play with those aspects when creating your attention getter.

Keep Older Students Interested

As students age, their desire to learn gets tested due to increased workloads, social lives and pressures, and newfound responsibilities, among many other factors. Keeping teens interested in Spanish gets more difficult as the subject grows in difficulty. As such, maintaining attention getters is paramount to broader success across the entire classroom.

Unlike younger children, middle school students prefer challenges that let them think in unique, non-traditional ways. A good attention getter for them could be something as simple as playing a Spanish movie or hosting a Spanish-themed class party. Maybe consider creating lessons revolving around their interests, such as units on sports, the arts, or travel.

Improves Performance Across the Board

Regardless of the age of your students, general interest in a subject will always boost the success of your classroom. Yes, it can be challenging to make lessons that fit every student, but with a bit of creativity, you can impact many children. Piquing the attention of just a few students can have a ripple effect throughout the class, too! Don’t be afraid to ask your students what activities they enjoy and would prefer to explore – take that information to create personalized attention getters!

As you can see, attention getters in the Spanish classroom are important. They keep the class engaged and motivate students to progress through your lesson plans. If you need a Spanish curriculum for middle school or other grades, check out our resources here at Sonrisas Spanish.

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