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What Students Can Do with the Student Workbooks

As mentioned in our previous post, we did not want to create student workbooks that merely provided busy-work for students. The activities in our new Level I Student Workbooks provide students with an opportunity to do independent work that develops their comprehension, reading, and writing skills in Spanish. The workbook activities engage students in the interpretive mode of communication. Students are required to read text, answer information, interpret questions, and demonstrate comprehension by completing a task or writing.

Each workbook activity corresponds directly with each lesson in Sonrisas Level I. Each lesson has a Communication Objective and Performance Guidelines. The Performance Guidelines indicate what students can do with the language to achieve the Communication Objective. The activities in the workbook give students practice with the performance guidelines in the context of doing a “worksheet” type of activity. Students have to read the directions for each activity, then complete the task. While directions are in both Spanish and English, all tasks are completed in Spanish. The workbooks also include lots of fun illustrations that students can color. Here are some examples of what students can do with the workbooks.

  • In the workbook activity for Lesson 2, Hola y adiós , students recall the meaning of hola and adiós and then write them appropriately in the depicted scenario.
  • In the workbook activity for Lesson 10, Mi cuerpo , students read the words for the different body parts and then demonstrate comprehension by labeling the body parts correctly.
  • In the workbook activity for Lesson 24, Yo veo , students read questions and then demonstrate comprehension by writing an answer using the given vocabulary.

In our next post we’ll explore how teachers can use the workbooks as a valuable assessment tool.

Sonrisas Spanish creates, publishes, and sells preschool and elementary Spanish curriculum. The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum consists of fun, effective, standards-based Spanish lessons for children.

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