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Using Repetition in the Sonrisas Curriculum-Part 2

We continue our discussion on using repetition in the Sonrisas Curriculum:

The Sonrisas Spanish School Curriculum makes it easy to repeat previously-learned material each lesson through songs, games, activities, and stories. Frequent, everyday repetition should occur in each lesson that you teach. This is simply a matter of reviewing performance guidelines taught in previous lessons in each subsequent lesson. The review can occur through the repetition of songs, games, and activities and through using shared reading strategies. It’s amazing to see how this kind of repetition solidifies comprehension and language usage—students rely less on imitation as they acquire fluency with repeated language structures.

Another benefit of this kind of repetition is students’ ability to apply new vocabulary and concepts to known routines. For example: The first lesson in Sonrisas Level I is the Me llamo lesson. Students do an activity where they throw a hacky sack to each other and ask, “¿Cómo te llamas tú?” and then respond with, “Me llamo ____.” The first few times that students do this, they are just imitating the teacher. As they repeat the activity many times in each lesson, they begin to use the vocabulary and phrases with fluency. Once they have mastered this, the teacher can then introduce a new question/answer into the routine such as, “¿Cuántos años tienes tú?” and “Yo tengo ____ años.” As you build a repertoire of songs, games, and activities from the lessons, you can switch back and forth between them, choosing those that focus on the language concepts that need attention.

Teachers using the Sonrisas Curriculum should also repeat songs, games, and activities from Level I in Level II. Your Level II students can continue to benefit from the repetition of songs, games, and activities learned in Level I. Use them when you feel there is a need. These activities become well-loved, and your students will enjoy returning to them.

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