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Top Five Reasons to Teach Foreign Language to Children

I was doing some end of the year/semester contemplation, and I was thinking about the questions, “Why do we teach foreign language to children? What is so important about it?”. We have addressed this question before in the Sonrisas blog—mostly by writing about the different benefits of foreign language education for kids. I would like to present an easy, short list of the top five reasons to teach foreign language to children:

  1. Because they love it. Kids love learning languages. They just do. You see it when you teach them, and you see it when they use their second language. There is something inherent in learning a second language that brings joy to children.
  2. Because it makes their brains better. There is no counterargument here. Second language learning is good for a kid’s brain.
  3. Because it’s useful. The more languages you know, the more stuff you can do in more places.
  4. Because it improves their first language. Children who learn a second language become more aware of the syntax and grammar of their first language, thereby improving their usage of it.
  5. Because it makes the world a happier, more peaceful, and safer place. Whether on a personal level or a global one, communication is the source of happiness, peace, and safety. We all want this for our children and our world.

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