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Tips for Keeping Your Child Focused While Learning at Home

Tips for Keeping Your Child Focused While Learning at Home

While at school, distractions bombard kids all day long. However, even when education takes place in the house, these distractions still occur. It’s impossible to avoid interferences altogether. While disturbances are inevitable, we can still learn how to concentrate with them around.

Eliminate Distractions

Some interruptions are out of our hands, like hearing yard workers outside or getting a package delivered to the front door. Others, however, are within your sphere of control, such as TV noise, phone use, or even having a playful puppy around. Manage what you can as much as possible.

Set Up a Study Environment

Using a dedicated study space is one of the best tips for keeping your child focused while learning at home. By default, this method incorporates multiple other techniques to help your child home in on their work. If you could only integrate one new tip, this one should be it. It’s that impactful.

Take Regular Movement or Play Breaks

Too much sitting can impact our health, create restlessness, and make the work seem like it’s drudging on more than it should. Although homeschooled students can’t take recess breaks with their peers, you can still provide them with regular breaks to be kids throughout the day.

Keep a Schedule

Keeping track of your schedule is a great way to help kids hold their attention for one task at a time. When they know that they’ll be getting a break in 10 minutes, it will be easier for them to stay fixated on their task for just a little bit longer. If creating schedules isn’t your forte, reach out to our team at Sonrisas Spanish. We specialize in making the best Spanish immersion homeschool curriculum plans for you.

Use a Visual Checklist System

Another tip for keeping your child focused while learning at home is to create and use a visual goal tracker. You can set daily, weekly, or lesson goals. Daily trackers are great because they generate a daily checklist. Your child will know exactly what they need to do during the day and for each lesson. This can be a great motivator for them to finish their work sooner so they can play.

Incorporate Positive Feedback

Using verbal praise is also a method that can help homeschooled kids. Show appreciation for their hard work. Applaud them frequently when they are on the right path, as this helps them learn what they should be doing.

Focus on One Task at a Time

Finally, it is beneficial for kids to have one clear objective at a time. Multitasking is the enemy of deep work. Structure their days in a way that helps set them up for success.

With the proper adaptations and care, helping kids stay dedicated to their homeschooling lessons should be straightforward.

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