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Three Irreplaceable Tenets For Effective Curriculum Design and Development

spanish for preschoolsBuilding a curriculum is a fundamental process every educator must constantly be a part of. It isn’t easy, it’s always changing, and curricular needs are so dynamic that it isn’t rare for educators to become frustrated by the cyclical process they signed up for. The irony.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative. We’ve put together three tenets that make the curriculum development process. They also help make it a little easier.

Subject Matter Expertise

For their first eight years, children learn differently. They acquire language skills, among countless others, through things like imitation, repetition, songs, and games. Without deep foundational knowledge of adolescent development and subject matter expertise, an effective curriculum is impossible to create. We know you’re here because you are well-versed in education, but one fact should always be present in the curriculum design process. You have to be learning in order to foster learning. There are always people who know more, have more experience, and have advice and stories to share. Tap into their expertise and let it inform your curriculum design process. Never stop becoming a sharper subject matter expert.

Critical Collaboration

Do yourself a favor and don’t design curriculum alone. First of all, it’s an unnecessarily heavy workload that could, and should, be shared with others. The education environment thrives in critical collaboration. When several subject matter experts are gathered to develop Spanish for preschools, their collaborative expertise will hold each other accountable. Critical analysis in isolation is impossible to do without bias. When the academic community joins to develop curriculum together, critical dialogue informs the goals, questions, and the overarching reasons that curriculum is being developed in the first place.

Audience Testing

Spanish for preschools should be developed with that age and audience in mind. It seems obvious, but many educators get tunnel vision in curriculum development. It’s a mark of educational passion, but if Spanish curriculum lessons for preschoolers isn’t accessible to the preschoolers it’s meant to teach, it’s ineffectively designed.

For all the uncertainty that’s characteristic of the education world, curriculum development will remain an important, unmoving standard. Building an effective curriculum that you’re proud to teach begins with these tenets and when you follow them through the dynamic nature of education, you won’t get lost along the way.

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