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The Power of Reading Spanish to Your Students

We have written a lot about reading children’s Spanish literature, but the subject bears repeating. Spanish literature has always been a central component of the Sonrisas Curriculum. Just as many children learn a lot about their first language through reading, so too can your students learn a lot about their second language through reading. The power of reading Spanish to your students lies in the ability of a story to deeply connect students to the content of a lesson by engaging their imaginations in an authentic Spanish experience. Children love being read to; they easily enter into the realm of imagination through stories. When their imaginations are engaged, their minds are open for language acquisition at a deep level. They are not only acquiring the language through the comprehensible input in the story, but they are also connecting to the language on an emotional level. They develop an innate “feel” for the language without any conscious effort. When the content of a story reinforces the content of a lesson, then students are given the opportunity to connect to that content at this deep level. This is the power of reading Spanish to your students. It should never be underestimated.

Sonrisas Spanish School creates, publishes, and sells preschool and elementary Spanish curriculum. The Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum consists of fun, effective, and standards-based Spanish lessons for children.

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