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The Ideas Behind Our New Student Workbooks

For many years, the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum has not included student workbooks. Our lessons provide a very dynamic and comprehensive learning experience for students. The structure of our lessons with Circle Time, Story Time and Art Time gives students plenty to do and plenty to learn—immersing them in all three modes of communication—interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational. We always felt that if the curriculum were implemented thoroughly and effectively that there was no great need for student workbooks. Most of the workbooks that we researched seemed to promote rote learning and provide mostly busy work for students. This was a trap we did not want to fall into.

Eventually we came to realize that student workbooks could be a benefit to the Sonrisas Spanish Curriculum. Most teachers want material that they can assign as independent student work, so we began with the idea of creating workbook activities that students could do independently. We wanted the activities to reinforce the communication objectives for each lesson, and we wanted the content to be fun and engaging for students. We also wanted the activities to give the students an opportunity to show what they could do with the language. These were the driving ideas behind our new student workbooks. Level I Student Workbooks are now available, and we are developing workbooks for Level II. In our next post we will go into detail about what students can do with the workbooks.

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