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The cure for spring fever

I am so grateful to have found the secret for curing spring fever in my students. Every teacher knows what I’m talking about. A class that used to be fun becomes a torturous hour that each student would rather spend outside running around in the sunshine. The answer is drama. A play gives them a creative, energetic, meaningful experience to bring the focus back on learning Spanish. When children act in Spanish, they not only speak and listen, they take their skills to another level. Drama creates an opportunity for students to integrate and synthesize the various language skills they have been working on all year. They rise to the occasion. The play that’s included in our Spanish Cultural Curriculum, El gallo de bodas, is an excellent spring play. This year, however, my students are writing their own per their request, and this is taking their linguistic and cultural understanding to an even higher level. One boy in my class took it upon hisself (outside of classroom time) to figure out how many Costa Rican colones would buy a handful of candy, adding a level of authenticity to the scene that takes place in a Costa Rican store.

My students are groaning when class is over, despite that fact that the sunshine and green grass should be calling them away. So if your students are suffering from spring fever, try putting on a spring play and see if it cures them.

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