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Teaching Spanish: Your Ultimate Resource Library

Welcome to the Sonrisas go-to library for mastering the art of teaching Spanish. Here, you’ll discover lesson ideas, insights on comprehensible input methods, and fun, engaging tips for incorporating games, music, movement, and more into your lessons.

My journey in teaching Spanish is diverse. I’ve taught students from preschool to high school in both traditional and informal settings. Often working independently, I’ve crafted my own curricula and lesson plans—exciting yet sometimes overwhelming!

After my initial year of using a traditional textbook for middle and high school Spanish, I realized my students were learning about Spanish rather than truly understanding and speaking it. This frustration led me to explore comprehensible input (CI), ultimately abandoning the textbook approach.

Adopting CI and focusing on teaching to proficiency has transformed my teaching. My students now engage confidently with real-world language, and my lessons emphasize genuine communication.

Essential Back-to-School Resources:

Comprehensive Teaching Guides:

Effective Spanish Teaching Techniques:

Distance Learning Tips:

  • Strategies for Teaching Spanish Online
  • Adapting Top Strategies to Distance Learning

No matter your teaching environment—whether you have complete autonomy or work within a team with strict standards—my resources are designed to help you develop your teaching philosophy and discover new techniques that resonate with you.

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