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Multiple Intelligences: Understanding Learning Theory

Take Advantage of Sonrisas Spanish Digital Access

Preference for Print

Teachers still prefer print materials over digital ones. At least this is what elementary Spanish teachers consistently say in recent surveys.  We get it. We prefer print too. Print materials can be easier for traveling teachers. Many teachers prefer to take notes with print materials. And let’s face it, sometimes it just feels better to have a physical copy of a book that you can see and touch.

There is also ample evidence that print materials work better for retention and learning. This is as important for teachers as it is for students. When you receive new curriculum there is a lot to learn about format, methodologies, and implementation. Print materials offer a potentially better outcome for effective teaching.

Necessary Adjustments

Despite the advantages of print materials, the fact is that we live in a digital world. Computers and laptops do not have CD players anymore. Schools rely more and more on digital platforms. And many schools have adopted one-to-one device scenarios for students.

Here at Sonrisas Spanish, we’ve had to adjust. We no longer produce hard copies of our CDs and DVDs. Too many of our customers could not use them. Along with the CD content, we wanted to create a way for our customers to access all of the teacher manuals, student portfolios, and ancillary materials in a digital format.

Take Advantage of Sonrisas Spanish Digital Access

We now offer digital access to all of our elementary Spanish curriculum products in a secure, easy-to-use account on our website. Here’s how it works:

  • When you purchase materials on our website, you provide a password, and an account is automatically created for you.
  • If you purchase materials using a purchase order, we follow up with invitation to create an account.
  • The account includes digital versions of the products you purchased. Account login is on the Sonrisas Spanish website.
  • In the account, you assign access to the digital materials to a specific person (yourself or someone else). This allows admin or office personnel who have made the purchase to give access to a teacher.
  • Musical content can be played from your account. Manuals, portfolios, and visual aides can be viewed.
  • Reproducible materials, such as art project templates and student portfolio activities, can be downloaded for printing.

If you are a current Sonrisas Spanish customer, and you do not have an account on our website—let us know, and we’ll get that done for you. It is our hope that by offering a blend of print materials, with digital access, that we serve the needs of our customers in the best way possible.

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