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Successful, Fun Spanish Camp

Although we have been teaching Spanish for 15 years, for the first time in our careers we decided to offer a Spanish camp for children. We met Monday through Friday from 9:30-1:30 and we opened enrollment for children ages 6-12. Here are two goals we set ahead of time:

  1. Extending Spanish into our community. We took a field trip everyday that included practical Spanish skills that could be used in the community. Field trips included a trip to the market to buy groceries, a trip to a restaurant with a Spanish speaking staff, a trip to the park, and a scavenger hunt.
  2. Drawing from our community’s Spanish speaking heritage. We invited our town mayor to talk to the children and a great-grandmother of two of our campers. Neither of these people spoke English until 5th grade and they grew up right in our region of the country.

We alternated inside and outside activities and the 4 hours flew by. We read books, they read books to each other, we sang songs, we played games, and we created art. On the last day the campers wrote letters to their parents entirely in Spanish describing the highlights of the week and we took them to the post office and mailed them, and ended with a birthday celebration of a camper who just happened to be turning 8 that day.

We had a fantastic group of children and although there were 17 of them, all went smoothly. We had all levels of Spanish exposure, and this, too, proved to be just fine. 

Based on the fun we all had, I believe that Spanish Camp will be a permanent part of Sonrisas Spanish School’s offerings.

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