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Speak English At Home? How To Help Your Homeschooled Child Learn Spanish

homeschool spanish curriculumWith the availability of educational technology, homeschooled students now have a wide range of learning opportunities. And this includes learning a second language. As a homeschool parent, you may have been hesitating to have your child learn Spanish since you are an English speaker. Fortunately, this worry does not need to hold you or your kids back. By taking the following steps, you can help your child take advantage of this critical learning period. Who knows, you may even learn a second language together.

Step 1: Start a homeschool Spanish curriculum.
This is the first and most important step in helping your child begin their Spanish education. A childrens homeschool Spanish curriculum will guide your child through the learning process and provide you with supplemental activities to reinforce the lessons. This will take much of the lesson planning burden off of you as well.

Step 2: Learn along with your child.
While you won’t be planning out your child’s Spanish curriculum lessons, you will still need to provide educational support. This may be the incentive you need to learn vocabulary and grammar with your child. Then, you can assist them and even converse with them in Spanish.

Strong 3: Find other homeschool families to learn with.
You likely know other parents who homeschool their children. Before you begin your child’s Spanish curriculum, consider inviting other families to join. By forming this group, your child will have classmates to converse and practice the language with.

Strong 4: Supplement their Spanish curriculum with activities.
Purchase Spanish story book sets, games, movies, TV shows, and other materials to help your child expand their knowledge. With these resources, you can sneak Spanish practice into other times of the day.

Strong 5: Find cultural immersion opportunities.
Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world, with more than 387 million native speakers. While your child might be too young to travel to a foreign country, you likely can find native speakers or cultural events in your own community. Taking your child to these events can help put their language learning in context.

Just as your child can learn math and science through their homeschool curriculum, they can do the same with Spanish. With some extra effort and the right resources, your young student can be on the path to language mastery.

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