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Spanish: The Language of Life and Vibrancy

A Language of Vibrancy and Life

If you have already decided that your child will be learning a second language, and that the second language will be preschool Spanish taught in a comprehensive and engaging way, you’ve made the right choice. Spanish is not only a useful language for the job market, but it is truly a language of vibrancy and life that teaches a view of the world that goes beyond simple translations. The concept of gendered words, for instance, will already expose your child to a different way of thinking that is not present in English nor discussed.

Beyond words, the language of Spanish is a “living language” that is present throughout art, cuisine, and culture. When your child is taught preschool Spanish and exposed to these ideas early, they will already be on a head start to requesting raspados (shaved ice) on a hot summer day, gallo pinto (rice and beans of Costa Rican origin) for lunch, being able to understand Picasso and his various artistic movements, and understanding the importance of a quality siesta after a full morning of work. In this way, Spanish for preschool children conveys much more than simply syllables.

Learn It Early, Keep It For Life

The benefits of learning a language early have been well studied and documented, with higher retention rates, fluency and comfort with the language. You may think, why Spanish? Why not Mandarin, French or German? Are these also not worthwhile languages to learn and incorporate into your toolbox of skills? They are, but there is something special about Spanish that a rigorous Spanish curriculum for kids will teach early on that they can keep for life.

While Spanish may not get the business or diplomatic attention that English does, it is currently the official language of 21 countries that are home to many exquisite and fun travel destinations. When students are taught Spanish in preschool, they are prepared for a language that demonstrates life and vibrancy in many of its syllables. It’s an entirely different experience traveling in Costa Rica, Mexico, or Peru when you’re a native Spanish speaker and can commune with the locals as good as the rest. Time will only tell what wonders and mysteries you can unlock with these special language skills!

Use the Right Tools to Communicate Spanish to Your Unique Child

Not everyone is a teacher, and it can be difficult to communicate preschool Spanish to a child that may already be struggling with English. Setting up an elementary Spanish curriculum at home can seem daunting, but it need not be. Sonrisas Spanish makes this easy by not only providing quality materials in the form of webinars, training, and a newsletter, but their main product of various educational vehicles makes this fun and engaging

Sonrisas Spanish knows that you need the right tools in order to help a child along in their preschool Spanish curriculum. That is why their main offerings focus on engaging your child in learning Spanish through storybooks, workbooks, art/literature offerings, and even sing-a-long CDs. The methodology used is unique to Sonrisas Spanish and is called Acquire, Develop, Learn to illustrate with maximum transparency what will be occurring through each part of the process as your child continues to hone their new Spanish skills.

Not only does the Sonrisas Spanish methodology work, but it prepares your child for life using Spanish as a second language in a wide variety of cases. Most schools now have language requirements built into their curriculum, and this can be difficult to navigate at a later age, especially in middle/high school curriculum where they will be graded on it and possibly have it affect their GPA. Why not only give your child a head start into an amazing language, but also an educational boost above as well?

There is truly nothing to worry about when you select the Sonrisas Spanish methodology, because support is a given. Rather than sell you products that leave you to fend for yourself, you will find continuous support in the webinars and newsletter that come out each month. Beyond this, as a Sonrisas Spanish customer, you can always reach out for support on a personal level and will receive the attention you deserve.

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