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Spanish In The United States: Why It’s Not A ‘Foreign’ Language

childrens homeschool spanish curriculumsAs a parent or educator, it’s your job to get children ready for the future. And for many students, the future may be multilingual. The United States has long been known as a mix of cultures and backgrounds, and the Hispanic population has long been a prevalent part of this mix. By teaching elementary Spanish lessons or implementing a childrens homeschool Spanish curriculum, you are prepping students for both the future and immediate present.

How Prevalent Is Spanish In The United States?
Spanish is the official language of 21 countries around the world, many of which are popular travel destinations. However, your child does not need to travel far to hear this language spoken. According to recent population data, there are about 41 million Spanish speakers in the United States and another 11.6 million who are bilingual. This means that the U.S. is home to more Spanish speakers than Spain.

What Is The Official Language Of The United States?
While the U.S. is a large English-speaking country, there is actually no official language. Some states have English listed as the official language, but there is no national doctrine that dictates that. Some representatives have attempted to introduce bills to establish an official language, but none have passed so far.

Now Is The Time For Children To Learn
Knowing the prevalence of Spanish in the U.S., and the possibility that the language will grow, it is critical that today’s children learn to be bilingual. If more teachers and parents implemented in-school Spanish lessons or childrens homeschool Spanish curriculums, more children would have access to interactive learning. And by learning Spanish, the children of today can prepare for a more diverse future.

Depending on where you live in the U.S., you may already see signage, political ads, and newspapers in Spanish. We are living in a multilingual country, and this means that the present population needs to adapt. If you are a parent or teacher, consider how a beginning Spanish curriculum may be useful for your students or children. These lessons can jump start their role as a well-rounded citizen.

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