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Spanish in the Spring—De colores

With spring in the air and beautiful weather, I couldn’t bring myself to teach Spanish inside this week. After some warm-up songs and games on the playground from Sonrisas Level I, I passed out paper and pencils to each student and assigned each one a color. At the top of their pages they wrote headings: “Cosas verdes” or “Cosas amarillas,” etc., depending on which color they were assigned. Then we took a walk to see how many things we could find from each category. When someone found something they either said the name of the object in Spanish, or if they didn’t know the word in Spanish, they would say “una cosa amarilla” and point to it. Then I would tell them the word in Spanish: “La flor es amarilla.” We brought back a few items for our nature table “madera de color café,” “una piedra de color gris.” I thought of many ways we could follow up and review in the classroom, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to go inside, so we just kept exploring the awakening spring through our knowledge of the colors in Spanish.

—Señora Azul

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