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Sonrisas Spanish School—The Experts in Children’s Spanish Literature

When we first began to develop Spanish curriculum for preschool and elementary students, we knew that we wanted to make literature a major component of our lessons. We always felt like if we could find a great book then we could teach a great lesson. We spent countless hours in the library sifting through the children’s Spanish books section and searching for quality literature on the internet. Whenever we found a book that we thought would be good, we would create a lesson around it, try it in the classroom and then assess its effectiveness. Eventually we got to the point where we could tell if the book was going to work or not before we used it in a lesson. Our experience in the classroom led us to search for certain types of books: the familiar, traditional tale, books with engaging illustrations, poem and verse-based books, books with repitition, and the occasional informational book. 

Now, after sixteen years of teaching Spanish to preschool and elementary students, we consider ourselves to be experts in children’s Spanish literature. We have been at it long enough to know what quality children’s Spanish literature looks like. All of the books we choose create the opportunity for students to connect with the content of the lesson. The books in the Storybook sets that accompany the Sonrisas curriculum have been carefully chosen for their creativity, their authenticity, and their effectiveness in engaging young Spanish learners. We are now proud to be offering all of our titles for sale individually in the Sonrisas Bookstore. It is truly a joyful experience to share a Spanish story with students and watch them “get it”. We want our customers to know that when they buy their children’s Spanish literature from Sonrisas, they can feel confident in the expertise that lies behind the selection of titles from which they choose.

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