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Sometimes the best classes are the ones with no lesson plan

After the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday a couple of weeks ago, I had a day with my elementary Spanish class for which I had no lesson plan. So, I did a class with no lesson plan. That’s not to say I didn’t plan because I did. I planned on singing, playing games, and reviewing previously-learned concepts with my students, but I was not following a lesson plan with an explicit objective and sequence. Guess what? The class was super fun and very valuable for my students. We danced and sang, we played review games, we laughed, we talked about the kids’ pets, and we lived and spoke Spanish in the present moment. If that’s not communication, I don’t know what is.

Occasionally I will do a class such as this, and the big difference between this kind of class and one where I am following a lesson plan is that we tend to get into a much more natural linguistic mode with the language flowing freely with whatever comes up and the language interaction being very authentic. This is fun and valuable second language acquisition. With our Sonrisas preschool and elementary Spanish curriculum, we strive to create lessons that have this kind of feel of a natural language experience, but sometimes it is nice just to ditch the lesson plan and have a day of pure language fun with your students. And while it sure doesn’t help me sell curriculum, I will say it: Sometimes the best classes are the ones with no lesson plan.

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