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Remember to Have Fun

One of the best things about teaching Spanish to young children is how much fun you can have with them. Of course we have goals for our students, and we want them to achieve the objectives for our classes, but sometimes you have to step back and look at the big picture. Part of the big picture is that children have a positive experience learning a foreign language. This will increase the chances of them becoming life-long language learners. You can give your students a positive foreign language experience by having fun with them in class and by expressing your sense of joy and excitement with the language.

A lot of this depends upon you. It depends upon the attitude you bring to class. It depends upon your smile and your enthusiasm in class. It depends upon how you react to beginner language learners. A lot of this also depends upon your curriculum. We have always designed the lessons in the Sonrisas Curriculum with fun in mind. During Circle Time you have ample opportunity for fun: sing the songs with joy, laugh while you play the games, and react with positive reinforcement when your students use Spanish to communicate. During Story Time, read the story with enthusiasm and use your best story-telling skills to bring out the beauty of the language. Most students love Art Time, so while they are working go around and converse with them in Spanish about what they are doing, and give them lots of positive reinforcement when they use Spanish to talk about their art project.

Having fun in Spanish class also has the benefit of putting students’ minds in a more receptive state for learning. Simply put: when you are having fun, your teaching is more effective. Plus it makes your job more enjoyable and rewarding. At this time of year when you are finally settled into your routine, and you are starting to see some results in your Spanish class, take a step back and remember to have fun.

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