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NYC Preschool to Begin Offering Spanish Lessons Next Fall

preschool spanishGenerally speaking, learning a new language is much easier the earlier you start. Most studies suggest before the age of 10 is ideal, but starting kids as early as five is becoming more and more popular. In the latest example of just how much importance is being placed on learning a foreign language early, a New York City preschool has announced they will begin offering preschool Spanish lessons.

According to the neighborhood news site, toddlers attending the new enrichment center the New York Kids Club is opening on East 94th Street next fall will have the opportunity to take preschool Spanish lessons. In addition to preschool Spanish lessons, children will also be able to take gymnastics, cooking, art, and music on top of traditional subject areas.

“Every semester is different for us,” said Pam Wolf, who founded the preschool in 2001. “We follow trends in learning. It used to be yoga and cooking that were very popular. Now it’s chess and science. We follow that and we’re always offering what seems to be the most beneficial in educating young people.”

According to Wolf, the school updates the classes they offer each year and they decided adding a preschool Spanish curriculum would be a great and fun way to get kids started early. Not a bad idea considering studies show bilingual employees earn 20% more per hour than monolingual employees, on average.

Overall, more than two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. However, in America only 17% of the total population speaks a second language in addition to English, according to the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Even though it’s a Spanish curriculum for kids, Wolf and school officials are hoping that the young children they serve will be able to get help from home too. There is of course a price to pay for these service and they don’t come cheap. The total cost for 2-year-olds attending five days a week, three hours a day is $19,670, according to the school’s website.

Starting a preschool Spanish curriculum is an excellent opportunity. If you don’t live in the Big Apple, or have an extra $20,000 to spend on it, check out the innovative homeschool options we have available today.

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