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Learn Spanish With These 7 Fun and Creative Arts and Crafts

Learn Spanish With These 7 Fun and Creative Arts and Crafts

Teaching Spanish basics to young children is no easy task, but the rewards are worth the sweat. Simplify your Spanish curriculum and help your students learn Spanish with these seven fun and creative arts and crafts.

Cinco de Mayo Crafts

You can’t teach a Spanish class without touching on Cinco de Mayo. This vibrant celebration features tons of colorful decorations and props that are easy to replicate with young children.

Paper Flowers

The idea for these brightly colored paper flowers originated from the Aztec people. Grab enough tissue paper and colored string for the size of your class, and have each student create a bushel of budding flowers. You can hang them around the classroom in anticipation of Cinco de Mayo.

Piñata Paper Bags

This craft is straightforward and loads of fun! Grab enough paper bags for everyone in the class and have them decorate the outside with colorful tissue paper frills. Help students fill their bags with candies and staple the bags shut.

Día de Los Muertos Crafts

Day of the Dead is one of the most important celebrations for Hispanic people, and the holiday is full of rich imagery. There are many great crafts to incorporate into your Spanish curriculum that your students will enjoy making and learning about.

Fireless Lanterns

A staple decoration of Día de Los Muertos is skull-shaped lanterns. Since fire has no place in the classroom, have students draw colorful skulls on the outside of plastic cups. You can punch holes into the bottoms of these cups and hang them around the class.

Skull Masks

Have your students trace out skulls on a paper plate and let them decorate the skulls with colorful art supplies. Once they complete their template, they can cut the head out of the plate, glue a popsicle stick onto the bottom, and proudly display their mask for the rest of the classroom.

South American Crafts

South American cultures have specific decorations for various folklore and holidays that are easily replicated in the classroom, offering students a fun way to connect with this unique culture.

Guatemalan Kites

You can see these kites throughout Guatemala leading up to the Day of the Dead, and they’re impressive in design and scale. Making some in the classroom can get messy, but the results are stunning, and the activity is entertaining for young ones. Have students decorate plates using papier-mâché and long streamers for kite tails.

Egg Maracas

The maraca is an ultra-famous Latin American instrument and has existed for centuries. Have students decorate plastic eggs filled with rice, then tape the eggs onto colorful spoons. Encourage the class to play their maracas as they practice singing Spanish songs!

Mola Art

The Panama culture inspires this more advanced craft, and the art features colorful animals or geometric shapes. Have students replicate this fabric design on construction paper, allowing them to create forms that relate to your lesson plan.

Make your life easier by helping your students learn Spanish with these seven fun and creative arts and crafts! Check out our fantastic resources at Sonrisas Spanish for all your Spanish curriculum needs.

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