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Integrating the Spanish your students have learned with drama

As the school year winds down, there are usually a lot of end of the year programs, plays, etc. that happen—including in Spanish class. Drama can be an excellent tool for your Spanish students to integrate the Spanish they have learned throughout the year. The language that they have learned all year can be brought to life in a play. When a Spanish student has to learn lines in Spanish and act based on Spanish directives, it challenges their comprehension and pronunciation and engages them in higher learning skills such as synthesis and analysis. As you practice a play in Spanish, you can see a lot of “aha!” moments as the students figure out what it is they are saying and how they need to act to convey the part they are doing. We can see that the communication and comparison standards are addressed thoroughly with drama.  As a teacher, it is always very satisfying to see your students not only having fun with the language, but also integrating it into a performance where they are able to deeply absorb the language and present it to an audience.

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